Atlassian is a cool guy, eh hires people easily and doesn't afraid to maek it sound cool.

Do you do like doing X?
Then you want to work for us.

As a Y, you'll be doing Z with AA (people). You'll be doing things like A, B and C.

There are other perks, like P and Q.

* Bullet-point list of key responsibilities
* Enumerate list of required skills
* Preferred skills
* Typical experience

Tired of all the job ads


because you're a sysadmin?

Anchor is looking for ninja sysadmins Right Now, to join us in being the best webhosting company in Australia. (insert something suitable after the comma that's enticing and not so cheesy it makes them wince)
Vacancies are for a full-time role in our Sydney CBD office, though a remote position may be considered for particularly promising candidates.

If you answered YES! to all of the above, this is not the job you're looking for.

As a sysadmin at Anchor you'll be looking after a diverse range of linux-based servers, providing close support to our lovely customers and hacking on interesting infrastructure projects. You'll also have the opportunities to learn system administration lore, play with and evaluate the latest technology, and overall improve your skills and abilities.

Anchor is a boutique Australian web hosting company that specialises in developing solutions for our customers - cpOnel and plXsk it ain't! You'll use your knowledge and experience to solve problems as part of our team of dedicated and enthusiastic sysadmins. Your solutions will use the best tools available, reasearching and learning them as required, and make a real positive change to how we Get Things Done. (yeah everything after the first sentence is all a bit waffly)

The ideal candidate will have professional experience in System Administration or extensive hobbyist playtime (of the sort that involves you watching the sun set and then rise as you learn the ins and outs of setting up your apache and mail for the first time) (this is unwieldy as heck)

Core skills for the role

Desirable attributes

A good sysadmin is an all-rounder with a thirst for knowledge. The following things are considered powerful additions to your arsenal.

Anchor's Sydney CBD office is located within spitting distance of public transport and many pubs, has their own fussball and billiard tables, and is a very relaxed and friendly working environment. Anchor is an equal opportunity employer.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please send CVs and resumes in plain text or PDF via email to No recruiters please. Anchor does not accept agency resumes.